What We Do

We develop all levels of professionals and equip them with the expertise to increase performance, improve communication skills, create a positive work environment, and build a successful career.


How We Do It

  • Skill assessments -> Self-Awareness & Foundation for Growth
  • Training -> Neuroleadership & Organizational Awareness
  • Coaching -> Executive & Professional -> Support Towards Personal Goals

Who We Serve

  • Organizations & Entrepreneurs
  • Emerging & Established Leaders
  • High Potentials & Individuals with a Growth Mindset


What We Do
Leadership & Professional Development
How We Do It
Skill Assessments, Training & Coaching
Who We Serve
Executives & Professionals

Neuroscience & Leadership


Neuroscience is the study of how the nervous system and brain work. At LSI, we combine the science of what we know about how we think, feel, and behave within the discipline of leadership. This insight helps us gain a deeper understanding of human interaction and effective leadership practices. We help others understand that the pictures in their mind are unique to them, and therefore, they must lead with clarity that is understood by all. Doing so requires a great deal of introspection and regard for the neuroplasticity of our brains. Our neuroleadership training and coaching focuses on the science of people and creates a way to turn soft skills into hard skills for leadership and professional development.


Learn alongside your peers, engage with industry leaders and directly interact with instructors in a classroom setting.


Take courses online if you are not able to attend in-person trainings or study at your own pace.


Get personalized coaching and guidance from industry veterans.

Group Coaching
Group Coaching

Discover how to set and achieve common and personal goals with a team while expanding your professional network.

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Interested in learning more about what we can do for you or your company? Whether you’re looking for yourself or your people, we serve individuals as well as partner with organizations to provide professional development in-person, online, or virtually.

Our Services

We provide people development services through effective coaching programs, innovative delivery methods, and adult learning techniques to develop strong and effective people around the globe.

Virtual Corporate UniversitySM©
  • Your Virtual People Development Department
  • Quickly Increase Value of People
Leadership Development Programs
  • Customized Leadership Development
  • Development for All Leadership Levels
Professional Development
  • Executive & Professional Coaching
  • Personal Leadership Coaching
  • Life & Health Coaching
  • Business Coaching


Mentor Masters℠
  • Customized Mentor Program
  • Professional Mentor Development


Our Raving Fans

What Our Raving Fans Say About Us

LSI is helping deliver a great work experience to our team members and live out our value of ‘investing in our people’. We believe there is a direct correlation between this experience and our ability to further our mission, grow our organization, and have a greater impact on the youth we serve.

Danielle and Wayne are thoughtful, attentive to our needs, and a joy to work with. They are providing meaningful leadership development content and one-on-one coaching. They approach their work with a servant’s heart and are making this opportunity available to non-profits at a reasonable price point. We are grateful for their contributions to our team and the success of our organization!

Jenny Krueger - Leadership & Team Development

Chief Executive Officer - Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Texas

When I was asked to take over as C.E.O. of a family owned, (previously) family run software company, my very first executive decision was to contract with LSI.

I needed to raise the self awareness of my Executive Leadership team and increase their skills at the same time. We engaged LSI to start from scratch. LSI helped with everything from individual and team assessments to providing individual coaching. We expanded to taking the team through a S.W.O.T. analysis for each department as well as helping individuals develop time-management strategies. No job was too small or too large!

My job became easier because LSI could lift my load and help the team grow. We now review key performance indicators (KPI’s) weekly, set and achieve weekly and quarterly goals and more importantly we are evolving into a learning organization.

And of course we have grown top line revenue!

I cannot say enough about the impact that Wayne and the team at LSI have had on our team and on me personally. Wherever my career takes me, LSI will go with me. Their results speak for themselves.

Pete Thomas - Executive Coaching

Chief Executive Officer - Touch Point Systems

I found LSI’s training in the AC-REP LEAD program to be relevant and relatable to not only my career but personal life as well.  Wayne and Danielle recognize we’re all managing both of these aspects in our lives and provide information on how to recognize behaviors in ourselves and others that can improve co-worker relations and lead us closer to a balanced life.

Brian Blehm - Leadership Development Program

Community Affairs Representative - United Power

L.E.A.D. Metro North Leadership Program

We adopted a leadership program that had been in existence for over 30 years- two years ago.

As we looked at updating the program, we wanted to really add some solid leadership skills development to the program. After a search for leadership consultants, we started working with Leadership Science Institute. Together we launched our “new and improved” 2021-2022 leadership program called LEAD Metro North.  LSI facilitated our entire program and that class will graduate this June. The results and reviews of this program from the participants, the sponsors, and the board have been amazing!  Highly knowledgeable, professional, very organized, strategic in their planning throughout the 11-month program, able to pivot when necessary and a joy to work with!

We are contracting with them going forward. I guess that’s the professional way of saying “100 stars” and “10 thumbs up!”

Deb Durand - Leadership Development Program

VP Strategic Programs - Adams County Regional Economic Partnership

Danielle and Wayne are so full of energy, information, and motivation. Their material is fresh and contains so many interesting topics. Their ability to keep the group focused and intentional at each meeting is commendable. They’re great to work with!

Kathleen Huttmann-Williams - Leadership Development Program

Business Development Manager - Fiore & Sons, Inc.

The one-on-one coaching I received from Wayne Anderson was a game-changer in my management style. I learned to make decisions faster to get work done quickly and efficiently. It kept me from getting hung up on needing all the information before making decisions. The L.E.A.D. 180 personality reports on our team helped us all to communicate better and work more efficiently. It improved our listening skills and helped us understand one another. It also gave us a common language to use, we worked together better, and our newest team members ramped up faster. I highly recommend this executive coaching; I left each session with a renewed energy and enthusiasm to tackle the projects in front of me.

Lisa Schlarbaum - Executive Coaching

Director of Development - Hope House Colorado

Working with LSI has truly elevated our Leadership Program, the participants in that program, and my personal growth as a leader.  Danielle and Wayne bring an immense depth of knowledge and experience that includes strategic planning, program growth and development, and an array of leadership skills and topics.  They offer complimentary thoughts and experiences and share this through both informational and experiential teaching.  Danielle and Wayne are committed to growing you and your organization and you are sure to experience tremendous benefit from all that LSI has to offer.

Brian Poggenklass - Leadership Development Program

President - LEAD Metro North Advisory Board

I have gained great perspective and growth in my role due to my executive coaching sessions with Wayne. After each session, I always walk away with a new approach and/or understanding. Our sessions are engaging, and best of all, enjoyable!

Bao Phommatha - Executive Coaching

Program Manager - CableLabs

I found great satisfaction in the ability to share obstacles and challenges with my coach. The ability to have open conversations with an experienced coach is essential to fully understand the leadership concepts. Furthermore, it adds an additional layer of accountability to the program.

Scott Anderson - Executive Coaching

President of Hamm Companies

I feel fortunate to have been included in the program and know that it will not only benefit me, but those who I am leading and the areas over which I have responsibility.

Russ Larsen - Leadership Development Program

Chief Operating Officer of Kilgore Colorado Companies

I would not be the manager that I am today without the influences of this program. I see the effects both in the workplace and at home. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to further their abilities in a leadership capacity.”

Brandon Mathews - Leadership Development Program

Manager of Infrastructure & Engineering Summit Materials
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The growth of your company is outstripping the skill development of your people.
  • Virtual Corporate University℠©
  • Skills Assessments
  • Leadership Programs
  • Professional Coaching
You have an established mentor program without adequate training for your mentors.

Mentor Masters℠

Your people are being placed in leadership positions based on their technical skills rather than their leadership skills.
  • Skills Assessments
  • Leadership Programs
  • Professional Coaching
Retention of your people being trained is extremely low.
  • Leadership Programs
  • Professional Coaching
Your people are being placed in leadership positions without leadership development.
  • Skills Assessments
  • Leadership Programs
  • Professional Coaching
You desperately need a mentor program.

Mentor Masters℠

Your cost of travel for training is increasing.
  • Virtual Corporate University℠©
  • On-Site Training
  • On-Site Leadership Programs
  • On-Site Professional Coaching
Your people have adequate retention but don’t always know how to apply what they have learned.
  • Leadership Programs
  • Professional Coaching
You are unclear about the skill level of your new hires.
  • New hire skills assessments
  • Professional Coaching

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Interested in learning more about what we can do for you or your company? Whether you’re looking for yourself or your people, we serve individuals as well as partner with organizations to provide professional development in-person, online, or virtually.

Who Are We ?

About The Company

The Leadership Science Institute, LLC (LSI) started in 2009 with the idea of helping others succeed. That idea started with one coach who set out to share his executive experiences with others and guide them to success. LSI has since evolved into the whole person people development center we are today.  We became the first company in our area to offer a one stop shop for people development. With the integration of skills assessments and training, blended with coaching, we can target professional and personal development needs for each individual, team, and organization.

Connect With Us

Interested in learning more about what we can do for you or your company? Whether you’re looking for yourself or your people, we serve individuals as well as partner with organizations to provide professional development in-person, online, or virtually.

Connect With Us

Interested in learning more about what we can do for you or your company? Whether you’re looking for yourself or your people, we serve individuals as well as partner with organizations to provide professional development in-person, online, or virtually.

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